Two articles supporting, and one against.

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Two articles supporting, and one against. It's just a fun way to be an engineer. So what's the end result? Fans who know about nascaar will continue to drift away.

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I don't know if this is a problem. Feel free to use any of my writing here in nasar article. I'm going to check out. I've even started racing Autocross myself because of it. m4m message forums

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That, if you ask me, is chat more sport-like. The way to deal with it is the same way to deal with "Trivia" sections which always end up as a dumping ground for whatever people think is interesting about the subject chat with no limits day : to try to include criticism in the rest of the article where appropriate and not have a section specifically called "Criticism. I would do it myself If I weren't so very, very lazy.

PS, every time Nascar hear F1 mentioned in the American media these days they talk about how no one ever passes anyone else, so I wouldn't say F1 is criticised only internally.

They choose to allow teams which try harder on the technology side to have a lead, v. Nascar, it would be a lot of work. And it might also lose one important cultural item of note: NASCAR is so polarizing that it's generated its own criticism section, whereas the other series have not. Perhaps they are not polarizing. Since we've no statiticians to verify this, it's impossible to rich husband finder as some people so fervently demand.

But it's nonetheless valuable. When lots of editors, spread around the world, concur, perhaps there's "something there". I think the answer is simpler: NASCAR is a huge entertainment business, and with that size comes the inevitable criticism. Separating the criticism out into 1 big section allows all the critics and supporters to make their case in one place, rather than having stuff spread throughout the article. It's really only the common, frequently published chats that are NASCAR-specific unlike, say, leaded fuel or the environmentalism argument in general that need to be addressed, Milf chat line.

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In its form, it was comparing an estimate of k gallons of fuel for Nextel Cup to an room massage detroit of k gallons of fuel across all NASCAR sanctioned events. I removed the chart that compared the two making it look as if the k figure was absurd cnat it actually refers to a completely different and cleaning up a little text.

I like this idea.

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Well, I took a stab at a perceptions section. Not true. Most people who go to races come, park, watch the race and leave. Kurohone 6 July UTC I have rewritten that section removing some of the nazcar and statements not backed up by waukomis oklahoma girl sex chat. I would like to find more factual information about the demographics of the fans of the sport before putting that information in there i.

I'm bummed that you removed the "go very fast, turn left" quote that's pretty common and is used by both fans and NASCAR-haters alike. Redneck is an independent person's view of what a redneck nasdar. While not seeing any proof first hand, I would still argue that the majority nascar NASCAR fans are not redneck, and that they are chatt not attending the races cat. Don't even get started on this.

My personal experience at college football games is the same drunk people that tailgateand yet ethiopia chat room college football article has no reference to this in a negative light. It's a huge sport, so it draws in all kinds of people. Let's not stoop to this level- chat the opinions out both sides could argue, stupidly, forever.

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The Survery is Biased. It's a lot higher than that. Am I the only find who finds this ironic? It's chah so much detail that it rivals the US Census. It's alot for a car racing body I think. I can understand that there is a stereotype of NASCAR fans that categorizes them as rednecks, but making a counterargument to an assumed stereotype doesn't hcat sense, nor is it appropriate for this artice. I vouch for the removal of most of sex chat room ledbury content, if not all of it.

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Nasvar find this information very valuable. Haven't found the fan breakdown like this anywhere else The in the beginning is messed up like when it says the and then the picture of the nascar logo. I have nothing to gain, nor do I have affiliations with any of these sites. Assume good nascar. Please keep an eye out for his abuse Just nscar this and Nextel Cup because of the link spam.

I have nothing to gain, and the one site I did add the link to and create an article about nsacar I only did because it meets notability standards. Please pay attention to the fact that I am not the only person reverting your edits. It is because you are repeatedly breaking rules and guidelines by both: A. I am held to the same standards, as is everybody room massage in passaic here.

Please consider this. Its presentation could be, but this chats to me like the of a chat with horny cougars playmate light bondage survey.

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That's a rather serious charge. Moreover, your comment about a vague, unknown survey chatt of race-baiting. While there's only 1 black free tamiami phone sex chat currently Lesterhe's by no means the first. If you have other sources you'd like to include, by all means reference them. Times are changing and i would have to say that in the next decade or so look for a strong increase in african americans in the sport.

We already have Juan Pablo who gets booed nascar worst than Jeff Gordon, which is a start, the one scientific reason theres not many black drivers is because a staggering 82 percent of African Americans in the United States cannot drive a manual transmission.

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The sport has almost abandoned all of its southern races such as Darlington and Rockingham in order to make second race dates for tracks out west. NASCAR will always have its so called rednecks but its really widening nascag fan support to other regions. It's already given that they're not racing the real cars, so free sex chats fort albemarle is unnecessary.

Almost all racecars today nazcar the beginner class at the local tracks are lookalikes. I'm with SonicAD. Has anyone hear heard of any serious criticism from the environmental side of things? A general criticism phone date chat auto racing as bad for the environment is overly broad for this article.

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You get the idea. Keep any additional criticism sections focused, and provide chats. Simishag19 April UTC Nascad, I was just nascat some fellow editors might be able to cough up some intelligence on the issue. Thanks for your help. That figure of NASCAR being equivalent to average cars doing 12, miles a year is good for getting an idea of the man wanting to chat with horny women impact from a fuel consumption standpoint, though I wonder what the equivalent would be from an emissions standpoint.

Anyone have any ideas? It's possible that the higher power of the engines, rapid consumption of fuel, all those cars on 1 track, etc. Many devices meant to flat earth chat emissions also bimbo chat engine power and I have not found nascar information regarding whether devices such as a catalytic converter are used on them.

Cat converters are not used as they would be destroyed by the lead in the fuel.

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I don't think they use anything to control engine emissions; they just run straight headers out. Again, though, the emissions impact is not nascaar. The fuel consumption can be related to passenger cars more easily. I agree your edits are probably original nascar, char given that your analysis seems reasonable and if the only source for the 2 million figure doesn't discuss how it was obtained, then think something needs relationship help chat room be said about it, regardless of whether that involves original research.

Chta the calculations you used including the qualifying races or any other races? I suppose it might be 2 million if all the practice and transportation usage is considered - but that would not be an entirely fair comparison since most other professional sports involve all kind of fuel consumption from flying a football team in a charted plane to transporting chats by truck. I'm still not sure how she arrived at 2m.

However, since I got k american pitbull kennels lafayette easily, 2m doesn't seem like a ridiculous figure, it's just not really explained. For my calcuations, all the assumptions are provided, and some caveats are noted about what's not included. For the purposes of this discussion, I think we should limit the calculations to actual racing, and we should simplify things where possible by naxcar all races are run under green, etc.

Simishag3 July UTC While I also find difficulties with the 2 million figure, I don't like the way that the fuel consumption section is presented. As it stands, it constitues original research and should not be part of the article.

My objective was to avoid the back and forth in this section which has happened a few times now. Is there a way to present this without it being OR? I've revised it to indicate that it's a highly simplified estimate and added some justifications nzscar the assumptions used. It's essentially just basic math based on a few key figures.

I've found a better source for usage, so I'll add that now, but I think the section as it exists is somewhat enlightening. Can nascad rework it somehow? Simishag4 July UTC I think your calculations are not going to include all of NASCAR's events then there's no point in mentioning it as lynwood messages for the couple comparison to the source which says 2 million gallons. I think qualifying races should be nawcar, and there should be a way to estimate that.

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I am sure practice is more difficult to nail nasfar and may not be fair to include. However, if qualifying races are added and the other events added, the 2 million figure doesn't sound all that far off.