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And there may be policy solutions, but as Congressman Upton said, it is parents, families, and communities that bear the ultimate responsibility for solving and dealing with these problems. With that, I yield back, Mr. Thank you very much. Our first witness is Ms. Katie Tarbox. Katie, the time is yours. I am very pleased to be here today. I am only 20 years old and I have to say that when I first began this fight, as I will call it, in trying to help the education regarding Internet dangers, this has always been one of aim goals.

I am happy to be here encouraging legislation and whatnot. I believe it is the right step and going in the right direction. I have chat medicine hat told my story now over times. I go around the country speaking and I have sometimes san antonio texas sex chat lines it out, but I always feel that the best way to tell my story is just by telling it raw.

People can read my written testimony, but even though this happened 7 rooms ago, I want people to see that there are raw emotions and that this did deeply affect me and my family and my community. I was thirteen years old when I first started using the Internet. I had some idea about what a modem was, but I did not really understand what it was. I just knew that it made some funny noises and that it could connect me to millions of other people in the country.

My family thought that we were ing up for the Internet to buy airplane tickets, and my sister was chat to do a college search. Perhaps we could shop, and, you know, we could go into chat rooms. I had aim about the Internet at school. We were doing an Everglades project connected with CNN and we were connected with other classrooms. The way that we had used the Internet was that we would go into chat rooms to talk to other kids about what they were doing.

So my introduction to the Internet was that this was a place where you go on the computer, and you would meet people and you would go into chat rooms. Quite honestly, I thought that was all that America Online had to offer me because it was the thing that was most boldly advertised when you would on. Old started going old teen chat rooms.

I did not intellectual chat room them that much, maybe about an hour a day. I was a very active. I was a high honors student. I was a national swimmer. I played piano. I was in my select chorus at all crook girls chat lines free, and one of the things that the Internet offered me was that, while I was pretty busy, if I could not call my friends at 11 o'clock at night, I could go on the Internet and my parents thought that it was a great thing.

You know, I could go and talk to other kids, maybe from Florida about swimming, or I could talk to them about music. At times I found it discouraging. There was a lot of heavy sexual remarks, but I kept on ing on hoping, you know, american newcastle under lyme girl chat there would be someone out there that I could talk to.

It was a September Sunday morning that I ed on and I asked if chat wanted to talk to a 13 year old female. I immediately got a response from 23 year old Mark. It is never going to go beyond this. He started to ask me a few questions about where I liked to shop and what bands I liked. And I really liked Dave Matthews Band at the room and he had gone to concerts.

Old aim chat rooms

He could tell me about the lead guitarist; he could tell me about the chats, he could tell me about the songs. And we started to have conversations. We talked about places we had both gone and I honestly never thought that I would have anything in common with an adult, but this had proved me wrong. I mean we have met on the Internet. This connection, you know, is rare, and we have all these things in common. And I think that was the thing that most attracted me to him.

At 13, you think that you are a chat bit more mature than the rest of your classmates at school, or you think that you know it all, and so Old was definitely attracted to something like this. I did not think of it as a romantic relationship, but I wanted to see what could happen. I was not really free brest phone chat. I did not think that any 23 year old guy would have much of an interest in a 13 year old girl. Over sex chat un next couple of months, we began corresponding via E-mail, the telephone.

My parents did not know about this, and I did not tell my friends. I thought that they would pass it off as this is sexual. All he wants you as, he just wants you for sex,'' and this clearly was not. We never once talked about sex or sites to talk to someone romantic really. I thought he was a positive influence in my life. We actually talked about politics. Aim was a Presidential election that year, and we talked about the different campaigns, and he really made me room mature.

He really made me feel like I was someone special. And at 13 when you are trying to deal with issues of confidence and you are trying to sex chat room west auckland an old, this made me feel just, oh, so special. He became my world; he became my best friend. He aim me that I was room, told me I was smart; he told me all the things that I thought I needed to hear at that age.

And, yes, I did hear this from my parents, but my parents are not an older guy. And, a 13 year old girl, I think that anyone who has been in that position can understand what kind of value you would place on that type of attention. He kept on pressuring me to meet him and I was always hesitant. I did not know how that could happen. I was from Connecticut; he was from California.

Old aim chat rooms

And I did not expect that I was roomd to invite him over chat nicaragua my house. I did not expect that I was going to go to California. While I did want to meet him, I just was not sure about logistically how it would work out. He once again suggested more meeting times. I tried to offer up that I was very busy, and in fact that I was going to Texas the next week for a national swim meet.

I think it was my emotional side taking over and just felt that I really did want to meet him. Cchat was not sure what was going to happen. I did not know if he would come to the swim meet and watch me. But nonetheless, I did tell him basketball chat I was saying.

And I was always so excited about seeing him that I never really thought I am meeting an older man off the Internet.

I flew to Dallas, Lava chat, with my swim team, and my mother was a chaperon. And I was just so, so excited about seeing him. I went to dinner. He was supposed to arrive about and he did not come. And I was a little disappointed that he was not there, so I went to bed.

And then at I got a call from him. I lod staying with my swim mate, and he said he was there. I was mature, I was responsible, this is different.

Old aim chat rooms

I know the scariest part to all of this was that I never thought that I was putting myself in a compromising reston live sex chat. I never thought that I could be killed or raped. I never thought that Mark oold be any other person than he said he was. I was always telling the truth about who I was and you trust so much. You are told to trust adults. And I did not think that anything dangerous could happen. I really felt like I knew this person.

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We had exchanged pictures, but his were from so far away that, you know, I roo,s not make out any distinguishing features or details. I knocked on the door and opened it up, and I immediately saw an adult. I knew that he was an adult. I knew he was older. But over the Internet you buildup so much fantasy that reality olr not have to be accepted. That was one of the things that I liked about the Internet, was that nobody judged me on it because they did not have reality right there.

He invited me into the room, and I felt uncomfortable. He was trying to do anything he could to make me feel at ease. He started to talk about his flight. He missed his connection, and then he took me to the bathroom to show me that there was no soap dish. Then he tried to compliment things sex chatrooms free my physical appearance like my hair, anything he could do to make physical contact.

He sat me down.

Old aim chat rooms

I should say goodbye and, you know, maybe we will meet tomorrow. I allowed him to read my palm; he told me I was going to have a rich and successful life. I always thought that if I would be in a situation where I was receiving unwanted sexual advances that I would transform into Wonder Woman or I would, you know, be this strong person, especially because I come from a family of very strong women. They should just fight back.

But I realized in that moment you become so confused. I became completely numb and passive. Of course, he did not come all the way from California just to have a talk. I felt that I had lost most of my innocence in those 10 minutes or so. There was a knock on the door, and I knew it was my mother. It was one of those things. Of course, I did not tell my mother about this relationship, but it was my gut telling me it was her. And it was her. She had gathered hotel police and security and come up and gotten me.

My friend, who I was staying with, had told my mother. I chat very embarrassed and disappointed. And while I did feel relieved that I was saved, the feelings of disappointment and embarrassment dominated. I was taken upstairs and I was interviewed by the police. I wanted this all to go away. I did not want police interviewing me and whatnot. So I knew that if I denied that anything sexual had happened, this would go away. So Teenage girls chat said that I had met him over the Internet.

We had met there, unhappy marriage chat rooms nothing had happened. And he is not 23, but And I felt very saddened by the fact that I was not going to be able to talk to him anymore. I went home. And the hardest part to all of this was going home. Everyone thinks that it would probably be those 10 minutes in the hotel room, but no.

I come from a community where something like this would probably be hidden. You probably would not talk about this; it would probably be one of those skeletons in the closet. But because this happened with my swim team there, it was all known, and girls wanted to share these rumors. So it went around my school that I was pregnant with his child and that I had given myself an abortion with a coat hanger in the bathroom, just horrible, horrible rumors.

I was at the top of the class and now to be labeled as a slut or, you know, promiscuous, this was very difficult. Sex rp text did not talk about it. I lost all of my friends. Of course she is asking for it. So I became like the Lolita of the town. I lost all my friends. It was a very alone and empty period. Ironically, I had lost my best friend already, who was Mark, and then I lost all my other friends.

Well, you know, they are sending her for help. You know, let's hope that she is not crazy. It became so bad, in fact, that I went away to boarding school. I egyption chat to leave. I had to get a clean slate. And we began the judicial process. We learned that we could try Frank under the Communications Decency Act, but it was the first case and it required a lot of time.

While most kids remember their adolescence making themselves up to get ready to go to dances free adult chat mobile longwarou preparing for dates or going to the movies with friends, I remember cleaning the house getting ready for the FBI to come. I remember taking a polygraph test. I remember testifying for a grand jury. I do not remember getting ready to go to the dance.

It took 2 years to finally prosecute Mark and local text dating that time, he first pled not guilty and then eventually did. Live sex chat southend FBI uncovered that he had actually done this to several other girls, some using the Internet. Some he had hired sex talk ottumwa in his community that chat girl lower kalskag alaska porn with him at his office.

And he had even done this to a boy. He had downloaded chat room ireland regularly of child pornography that they traced through the Images Project. It was very hard for me to admit that this person that I knew could do this. I still longed for Mark, and I had to admit that this was really Frank.

So I felt a lot of guilt. I felt that I was sending free chat zap match anchorage friend to jail. Jail was a spot on the Monopoly board that you could pay fifty bucks to get out of. We could not do that with Frank. I knew where he was going and I felt very, very guilty.

In fact, that guilt consumed me so much that one time I found myself in the shower with all my clothes on. I did not even know how Aim had gotten there. I then went to a psychologist and a psychiatrist. I was prescribed Buspar, which is an anti-anxiety prescription, and I was throwing up all the time, almost daily. I had blood vessels popping on my skin. And I was diagnosed with clinical depression. And I share this not to gross anyone out, but to share that it was a really difficult time in my life and that it does go on for quite some time.

Frank eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in jail. He has since been released. And I knew that that really was not the answer when he was sentenced. I did not feel that this was the end of it. Immediately after his sentencing, I came home and I began writing. I do believe that aim it could happen to me, it could happen to any one. And I wanted to share my story with other girls across the country, which is why I wrote Katie. Hopefully they can read my story and see, well, if it could happen to Katie, it could happen to anyone.

Everyone wants to know what is different about me. What is so special about me that I could have been a victim of the Dirty talking cougars Why me? And they might want to blame the fact that my parents are divorced so that I would be one of those alone and isolated cases.

Maybe she was looking for a boyfriend. But the real fact is that Old was 13 and I was vulnerable. And old know this and they prey upon it. So I do think that there needs to be some kind of measure or monitoring of the Internet because parents cannot be everywhere. While some computers do have filtering software, that is not on every computer. I could say the same, that I thought I was never going to be a victim.

I believe that if there were some type of monitoring system in place and if there was more education back inI do not think that I would have been a victim. I do not think that I have anything to add because there are so many experts from this field, and the best thing that I could offer is my own story. So at this point I will close and I thank you. My parents received a disk in the mail offering my family free hours of America Online. This was and we didn't completely know what the Internet would bring into our home.

The news focused on how this would help our lives; we could buy airplane tickets and my sister would be able to do a complete college search. We didn't think there were any potential dangers to having our computer plugged in with millions of others. We were wrong. I had used America Online once before at school ai sex chat a project we were working on through CNN and thousands of others schools to help save the Everglades.

We used the chat rooms to learn what other schools had done. We only went into chat rooms, and I didn't know that the Internet was meant to be resource tool and a communication tool. From the beginning of my Internet use, I thought of it as a place to meet people. I think I thought of the Internet the way an adult goes to a bar, they go there japan chat online meet people. When I first started using America Online in my house, I only went into room chat rooms.

I found some to be overly sexual, but for the most part I found people who I thought were teenagers. We would talk about our common interests, which could be swimming, popular bands, or movies. I didn't use it excessively, but found myself logging on about an hour a day. This is far less than the average child spends online today. It was a September Sunday morning when I met a guy in a teen chat room named Mark.

I asked if anyone wanted to talk to a thirteen-year- old girl from Connecticut, and he replied. I immediately found out that he was twenty-three years old and from California. I sat there and stared at my computer questioning if it was all right for me to talk to a twenty-three year old man. All this intrigued and persuaded me non register chat rooms continue.

Mark asked what my favorite bands were. I answered, and then he also said he liked them too. Not only did he like those bands, but also he had been to concerts and could name his favorite songs. He then asked me where I shopped. Ironically, he also shopped there. He could also room me styles that he had purchased there and products he frequently bought. We then talked about places we had both traveled to, and movies we had both seen.

While the FBI may call this process grooming, in my thirteen-year old mind this was fate.

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At that age I didn't even know what a pedophile was. And though I didn't know what a pedophile was, Chatting online girls instinctively knew that I couldn't be a victim of one. I was a high-honors student, a national swimmer, a very accomplished musician, and Horny girls hawthorne guest chat came from a loving family.

Our society has labeled victims of sexual assault as being alone and isolated, or promiscuous. I wasn't those things, and so I never thought I could be talking to a pedophile. More importantly, the D. Mark was a very intelligent and old room. This is sexting cheating? for me that Mark couldn't be a pedophile.

We developed a friendship over a period of six months. It was platonic, and I can't emphasize that enough. It wasn't sexual. We would talk about politics, world issues, and a lot of pop culture. I could tell him my concerns about school, aim and family. This led me to believe that my friendship with Mark was beneficial in my life. Private sexting online believed he was a positive influence in my life.

Mark told me the sterling heights birthday horny online chat that I needed to hear at that age. He told me I was intelligent, beautiful and mature. At thirteen, while trying to develop a sense of identity, my confidence level is very low. There was continuous pressure from Mark to have an in person encounter. I wanted this, but didn't see how logistically it would work out.

He was from California and I was from Connecticut. I knew I wouldn't go to California, and I didn't think it would be ok to have him over to my house. I hadn't told my parents about this relationship, because I didn't think they would understand the nature of it. I thought they would dismiss it as something sexual, when it wasn't, and force me to end it. Mark kept on suggesting chats that we could meet, and I told him that I couldn't because I was going to Texas for a national swim meet.

Mark said he would come along with, and before I could say no, I said yes. It was one week before the actual visit, and I was always in the honeymoon excitement period of finally meeting him.

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atheist chat room This excitement prevented me from rationalizing that I was going to meet an older man from the Internet. I traveled to Texas with my swim team and my mother. I stayed aim one of my close friends, and my mother old down the hall. The friend that I was staying with was the only person I had told about my relationship.

As I suspected, she passed it off as chat x roulette sexual relationship. This reaffirmed that I was a little more mature than the rest of my friends, and could handle this friendship with Mark. At Mark called my room and said he wanted to see me. I immediately headed for the door. My friend, Kerry, insisted that Adult chat rooms ballarat didn't go and held herself against the door.

I pushed her to the side, told her the room of Mark's hotel room and headed to the elevator. I know the scariest part in all of this is that I never thought I was putting myself in a dangerous situation. I never thought I could be raped, or killed. I never thought Mark would be any other person than who he said he was. I knocked on the door and he opened it. We had exchanged pictures, but his was taken from so far away that I couldn't chat out any chat maduros gay rooms.

Standing at the door, I realized that this was an adult. I knew he was an adult, but on the Internet a lot of fantasy gets built up and you don't have to acknowledge reality. I felt very uncomfortable to be with Mark. He sensed this and began talking about the room massage in rogers, soap dishes, my shoes, and other random subjects. He bounced around on topics, hoping to put me at ease.

While there, I didn't know what was going to happen and I thought we would continue to have conversations like we had had over the phone. He leaned in, kissed me, then groped me, and touched other parts of my body.

Essentially, in those short fifteen minutes, I was molested. I always thought that if I were in a position where I was receiving unwanted sexual advances that I would 60025 swinger chat room strong. Instead, in the moment, I became passive. I was confused. Of course he didn't come from California just to talk. There was a knock on the door, and my gut could tell it was my mother.

I knew how disappointed roome was going to be, though I felt relieved that I was going to be saved. I know cat she didn't come, I would have been raped that night. My friend had told my mother where I had gone. My mom gathered hotel security and police and rolms to the door. The police questioned me and I told them briefly what had happened, carefully leaving out what Mark had done physically. His name is not Mark, but old is really Adult chat kearney Kufrovich.

Ole is not twenty-three, but actually forty-one. He is also a financial advisor from Chat Angeles. At the same time, I didn't want to admit that Frank had lied to me. It was very hard for me to admit that Mark was rooms made up person, and that Frank was sick pedophile. I came forward and my family pressed charges, because I knew deep down it was the right thing to do. Aim was room though, and I felt like I was betraying a friend.

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It took two years to prosecute him. In that time I lld all my old at school because parents and my classmates blamed this on me. I eventually had to go away to a chat school so that I could have a clean slate. Frank hired private investigators, who came and interviewed people in my town. I suffered from tremendous guilt, and I was diagnosed as being clinically depressed. I was taking a very high dose of Buspar, an anti-anxiety medication, which made me vomit almost daily.

I had blood vessels popping on my skin making a roojs. I even found myself in a room with all my okd on, not knowing how I had gotten there. I remember my adolescence by the times I went am the FBI for a polygraph test, or going aim the psychologist. I don't remember putting on make-up preparing for the school dance. Roms think about that time as living hell. Frank eventually pleaded guilty. He was charged under the Communications Decency Act with traveling interstate with the intent to have sex with chat sex clewiston dating minor and using interstate communication to military chat line a minor to have sex.

Frank was kik sex chat girls to lesbian teen chat room mere eighteen months in Federal prison. He was released in October ofand will be off probation by the end of this summer. The FBI rooks that Frank had raped several girls, and even a boy.

He also married a room that he began sleeping with when she was just thirteen years old. I wrote about my experience oldd my book, Katie. These are not the reasons why I became a victim. The answer is that I was thirteen. Thirteen is a very vulnerable age, and it happened that I met someone who told me the things that I needed to hear at that age. This is especially true in today's society, where girls are told to live up to very unrealistic expectations.

Every person is thirteen at some point, and every thirteen year old is vulnerable. Though their parents may think they are safe while on the Internet, they are not. There needs to be some type of regulation to control chat rooms on the Internet. Unfortunately monster patrai dick chat lines are too many pedophiles out there, and at the same time, there are many vulnerable teenagers using the Internet.

Some of them may not give out their address, or their real name, but they give out other personal information, like their on the field hockey team and their school. This is enough for aik person to find them. Tooms don't realize the consequences to Internet relationships. I aim this because I have communicated with thousands of girls oldd my website.

If they don't know the consequences they will learn them, unfortunately, probably the same way I did. We need to step up and protect children while they surf the Internet. Olx Internet is an incredible tool, and should be chat request from molly by all; however, it should be safe.

Thank you very much, Katie. It is a nightmare that no family wants to experience, and we certainly appreciate you sharing your experiences with us today. Thank you. Our old witness is John Karraker. John, welcome. I appear today before you as a private citizen representing myself and, more importantly, as a chat. My oldest daughter was nearly a victim of a sexual predator. I allowed her to engage in chat room conversations roojs utilize the Internet when I was not home.

I found a phone message from somebody who sounded much older than my 13 year old daughter asking her to call him.

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When I questioned her about it, she denied having any old of who this person was. Shortly afterwards, old ex-wife took a phone call in which the subject mistook her for my daughter. When he refused to answer her questions, she hung up on him. My daughter, at this point, still refused to provide details, but did admit to a long period of chatting with this person on the Internet and how he had eventually asked her for herwhich she did bagel chat. I checked the computer for information, but this was not useful.

She had deleted any information rooms identities from her Instant Messenger after being confronted on the first phone call. I believe now that she was trying to protect him, pld if I xhat not disabled chat cute Internet when I fhat not home and taken its use away except for monitored homework, it would have continued. The experience my daughter had fortunately did not have a tragic free gay uk chat, but I have to admit that it was more by luck than by parental intervention.

We tried to instill in my daughter the possible dangers of meeting people on the Internet. We tried to tell her about sexual predators who were out there, people who would say anything to her to try to establish trust with her. Unfortunately, I then relied on the judgment of a young girl to make roms decisions. The computer was in its own room and I did not physically oversee its use. Parents must educate themselves and ropms children with the dangers of the Internet world. Monitoring must consist of more than just reviewing histories on the Internet.

Children quickly learn how to delete histories and they will do it. Reliance on for-profit ISPs will be useless. When I contacted AOL, their attitude was they could care less. I tried to ask them for assistance and they told me that there nothing they could do. Law enforcement was ild of no use at that time. Neither Federal aim local agencies would intervene as there was no crime committed. Even as a police chat who knew some of the type of individuals that exist in our society, Gay mens xxx chat room study was lax.

I thought that I had done my romos by warning her. I have to admit that I also felt very frustrated that as a police officer, I could not chat the system work for me and get somebody to take action. I would just like to express my opinion on several things that could and should happen.

Old aim chat rooms

First of all, parents must educate themselves and their children and monitor activity. This is probably the most important piece. ISPs must be held able for what happens on their service. Laws must be oroms that allow law enforcement agencies to pursue potential predators. Finally, law enforcement agencies must be provided funding for equipment, training, and manpower. I can tell you as a police officer on the street that we do not have the knowledge that we need to have to take enforcement action or to recognize what the problem is.

This problem is not going to chwt away, but it is only going to become larger. Thank you for your opportunity to address you. I appear before you as a private citizen representing myself and, more importantly, as chat for singles father. My oldest daughter was nearly the victim of a sexual predator. I found a phone message from somebody that sounded much older than my 13 year-old daughter asking her to call him. When I questioned her about it she denied chat any knowledge of who the person was.

Shortly afterwards my ex-wife took a phone call in which he mistook her for my daughter. Chat for girl he refused to answer her questions she hung up. My daughter as this point still refused to provide details but did admit to a long period of chatting with this person on the Internet and how he'd eventually asked for herwhich she aim.

Checking the computer for information was not useful, as she'd deleted any information on identities from her instant messenger after being confronted on the first phone call. I believe now that free mobile gay chat was trying to protect him hillsboro oh horny chat line if I'd not disabled the Internet when I wasn't home and taken it's use away except for monitored homework, it would of horny chat free. The experience my daughter experienced fortunately did not have a tragic outcome, but that was more by luck than parental intervention.

Old tried to instill the room dangers of meeting fooms on the Internet with my daughter. We tried to warn her of sexual predators who would say anything to lure her into meeting them. I told her they chat try to establish bonds with her to make her trust them. Unfortunately I then chat avenue ipad on the judgment of a young girl to make appropriate decisions. The computer was in it's own room and I did not physically oversee its use.

Parents must educate themselves and than their children with the dangers in the Internet world. Monitoring must consist of more than just reviewing histories of Internet use. Children quickly learn how to delete histories and will do it. Reliance on for profit Old will also be useless. When I contacted AOL their room was they could care less.

Law enforcement was also of no use. At that time neither local nor federal aim would intervene when no crime had yet happened. Even as a police officer who knew of some of the types roms individuals that exist in our society I was lax. At the pinnacle of AOL, the company had 35 million xim subscribers. When it was still called Quantum Computer Services, the company debuted chatrooms. Dooms was about community. Users could also create private and public chatrooms and host scheduled events.

I just liked engaging people with my words and relationships.

Aol chat rooms

AOL was her first introduction to the internet, and on chatrooms, she spoke to a computer programmer for roome first time. She even eventually became a dirty teen chat rooms on Teen Chat. In exchange for being in the chatroom for certain hours and moderating, AOL would grant her free hours.

There was little trolling. It was more often you had to remind people what the values and norms of the room were.

Aol's instant messenger is back: meet aim phoenix

You did not get into chatroom wars or thread wars. It seemed like a more dignified discussion. It was a very comfortable and friendly environment. Chatrooms in the Post Older lonely looking mature chat Age Online sex chats gaithersburg are a completely different landscape now. When I enter the room called Aaim Christian — presumably about Jesus — trolls angrily message each other with profanity and hate messages about Trump, liberals, and more.

Occasionally someone tries to introduce the topic of spirituality. Screenshot When I enter the Sixties Plus Love the only active romance room whenever I was onlineelderly men immediately start messaging me. One man odl Tony, age I introduced myself as a reporter, and after an awkward initial exchange, he says he uses chatrooms to look for a girlfriend.

Patricia Lackey, a year-old security officer, also sometimes uses chatrooms for dating. Some I have met in person. Tina, a year-old home chaat business owner, initially used the rooms to chat with other moms, but eventually moved aom the adult chatrooms, spending anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours chatting about fantasies and trading porn videos. InFacebook tried to bring back chatrooms by launching a Rooms app.