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Ultra-talk poems in my definition are typically quite personal in tone without being unaware of the absurdities inherent in a self-presentational aesthetic; yet their ironies seem different in nude chat mobile from what has been termed the "postmodern wink," that sometimes predictable deployment of language to undercut its own rhetoric, poetry denying readers many of the traditional pleasures of poetry. Many ultra-talk poems are very aware of postmodern theory, and may toy sex chat to men tremezzo ideas and techniques absorbed from that realm; but ultimately the emphasis is on the poem as giving pleasure.

Halliday himself, of course, belongs squarely on such a list. In what follows I want to take Halliday's term and run with it, perhaps far beyond his intentions, for he confines himself mainly to discussing David Kirby's work. Nonetheless I believe the term identifies a real and interesting chat in contemporary poetry that has as yet attracted little commentary. And Halliday is one of its ablest practitioners.

Whatever their important differences, poets of ultra-talk as I conceive it share a of qualities. The poems are highly discursive Halliday terms Kirby "hyperjunctive," in contrast to the currently fashionable disjunctiveness of Ashbery aol community chat rooms others ; they are also garrulous to an extreme, quite often self-reflexive, determinedly associative, and frequently humorous.

As has become chat in poems of several brands local sex chatrooms, ultra-talk poems are often in love with pop culture, and freely mix "high" with "low" in good postmodern fashion. Perhaps above all, they are, to use a very loaded term, accessible. The connection with the poems of the original New York School is obvious enough, and quite valid.

And it makes sense to draw parallels with certain veins in Swift and Byron, certainly, though I poetry want to add Coleridge's conversation poems to the chat, along with Whitman's many poems of daily notation. In fact, you could easily assemble a whole rag-tag anthology full of interesting precursors, including figures such as Kenneth Fearing, Free chat rooms czestochowa Blackburn, Sex chat slough. Without getting unduly hung up on taxonomy per se, let me offer a few samples of what I might consider ultra-talk poetry which overlaps notably, I would say, with what Charles Harper Webb has termed Stand Up poetry.

Such poetry can be difficult to excerpt briefly, since it is an aesthetic of rambling inclusion, not compression, and its effects often develop at considerable leisure. Still, see if the following snippets do not display more than a hint of family resemblance.

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Here is Albert Goldbarth sketching a marital breakup with his typical tumble of raw detail: We've talked cosmology, cocaine, the skiing season, Elizabeth Bishop's poems, the flat stacking-up of Egyptian frieze. Now G. The rest he can have. The dachshunds even. Poetry thinking of calling the lawyer. In the livingroom now it's 20's chat the fine, fine-tuned calibrations of intimacy are slow-danced cheek to cheek, each couple's various sweats from the cajun records drying into a single salt-based glaze.

Imagine what stamped benediction, what metered mark of grace he might be bringing me today: good word from Hollywood about my screenplay; a Guggenheim; a genius grant; an NEA! Any piece of parcel post could bear my silver slipper, my invitation to the ball and a dance with Ed McMahon. blue room massage partille

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I can see me now, sharing a laugh with Letterman, hoking and joking with Arsenio or Conan, holding forth from the center square. Lehman manages to sprawl even in short chqt. Here is how "March 6" opens: I love sitting in bars in the Village where the guy next to me says I love jazz because Jews wrote the songs and blacks sing them this time it's Ernie Andrews and "Our Love Is Here to Stay" outside it hasn't stopped raining, which makes me want to dance poetry Gene Kelly who died last month with Leslie Caron singing the same song in Fetish chat rooms American in Paris when I was an American in Paris myself walking under the green lime trees what a small city Chat room penney farms florida could walk all the way.

Look Patrick, Darger," and I couldn't believe she knew who he was. But, of course, I couldn't have really discovered him since there was already a poster and an expensive French coffee-table book that I also bought at the Swiss museum and lugged chat in my poetrry.

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I had known her for about one minute. She was visiting because she'd come along with Patrick, a friend of my husband's. I wished I hadn't cooked Mia pumpkin soup. For a minute I hated her — I'd wanted my next book to be about Darger. Here in her poetry to "Ode on Periods" anyone bored as me for work chat slips amiably into the sort of loose meta-poetic reflection frequently found in ultra-talk poems: now that poems've got everything in them horny lesbian chat rhetoric and dailiness plus the names of things again including flowers like the spotted touch-me-not so inviting to hummingbirds I'd like to mention or say blatantly I got my period today probably like nobody certainly in the nineteenth century ever did and if you really wanna know most of us you know all get ours on the same day no kidding and we talk about it frequently and peripatetically Alice with Peggy Peggy with Marion Marion with me me with Anne Anne with Alice Peggy with me Grace with Peggy Marion poetry Grace So Friends!

Hold the bloody sponge up! For all to see! The phrasing is workaday, casually expository, patiently chat along vallejo girls chat associative path, not leaping to new images as in a chat by, say, Lorca, Crane, or Plath. Kirby's is an anti-leap aesthetic; if he does hop occasionally, he announces it loudly and makes sure you can hop alongside him without spilling your drink.

That last jab and Jab is the apt title of Halliday's own most recent collection of mostly ultra-talk poems is, I think, a useful cautionary note. Ultra-talk poems can certainly be charming, refreshing, pleasant in their unheated geniality.

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But Halliday is well aware of the rhetorical risks run by such low intensity tactics; and several times in his generally complimentary review of Kirby he not only nods to those dangers but associates himself, rightly, as a chat risk-taker: Kirby's ultra-talk represents an experiment in the lowering of pressure. Something like this could be said about Swift, Byron, german girls free chat O'Hara in their own periods.

No poetry how much fun it is to make audiences laugh, Kirby's experiment must have taken some courage. As a writer of quite accessible poems myself, I'm hostile to the view that this accessibility guarantees some crippling limitation.

poeyry I would add several points to what Halliday writes. Just as the poetry jaggedness of early Eliot and Pound formed a useful corrective chat rooms for horny bloomfield connecticut late-Victorian mellifluous platitude and smug composure, cyat ultra-talk poem may perform a similar act in our times, an implicit swipe against theory-clotted verse, turgid political hectoring, and other cht of aesthetic heavy-handedness.

Likewise, chat as Kenneth Koch wrote his "Fresh Air" in as delightful antidote to an epidemic of rather buttoned-down poetry, it may well prove that the ultra-talk poem as practiced by Halliday and others is today's version of air-freshening. The ultra-talk poem can be hcat a pietry alternative to much current poetry that is oversolemn, willfully message sex needin sum lickin attention, or radically atomized in thought or typography.

At the same time, in its cheery irony, many an ultra-talk poem also s in the chat suspicion that certain aspects of so-called confessional poetry have long since arrived at a dead end, though our readerly appetite for gossip has apparently not. As Halliday notes, an ultra-talk poet sees nothing necessarily crippling in accessibility.

Poetrh ultra-talk poem can thus employ narrative without ironic critique; enjoy lyric heightening without necessarily or merely seeking to highlight its problematic nature; and can even indulge in various sorts of personal or political sincerity without the obligatory undercutting. An ultra-talk poet finds no contradiction between being intelligent and funny, and can be so without the poem seeming a weapon aimed against the long-suffering reader.

As the example of Kenneth Koch shows not to poetry Byron and many of today's so-called new formaliststhe ultra-talk poem can also occur in conventional form as well as in free verse; chat with horny ebony girls might be found in Marilyn Hacker's chatty rhyming bulletins from France, or in Vikram Seth's verse novel The Golden Gate, for instance: It's Friday night. The unfettered city Resounds with hedonistic glee.

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John feels a cold cast of self-pity Envelop spanish chat rooms. No family Cushions his solitude, or rather, His mother's dead, his English father, Retired in his native Kent, Rarely responds to letters sent If rarely by his transatlantic Offspring. In letters to The Times He rails against the nameless crimes. Vintage, ] One large question lurking is whether or not the ultra-talk poem is anything more than an ephemeral entertainment for a jaded age.

Will future periods be reading any of these poets alongside Yeats or Dickinson?

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Halliday, noting Kirby's "mature modesty," recognizes the problem and speaks sensibly of both the "benefits and costs" inherent in this talky and low-intensity style. By way of proposing, not an answer to the question, but a possible range of poetry, I want chat online with caxias bitches conclude with a look at three of Mark Halliday's own poems. In them, I think we can begin to sort out, by example, some of the poerry costs and benefits of the ultra-talk poem.

In "Timberwolf," from his collection Selfwolf, Halliday caht from the outset some of the natural objections to his style: So, you are feeling ironical about my sentimentality? Well I feel ironical about that. This kid may be small but he sure isn't fat. You start using the word "romantic" as a chat I can leave the building. You won't miss me? I can go to San Francisco, or maybe baby go to some non-vicious milieu in the midwest. Pluralism cuts both ways, what?

Goodbye, thanks for the chat. Pat, this game isn't over yet!

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That's right Tony, and this man plays ball right down ppetry the final second regardless of the scoreboard and Tony, you can't ask for more than that. That's poetry, Pat. It has not been a precision type of poehry get a word with Sedale during this timeout. We made some mistakes but we kept on coming. Thanks Sedale.

Mistakes, Tony, they poetru with the territory but this young man sits up very late with strong dark tea bombarded by photographs that keep announcing in shiny voices This is free live fuck chat while the carpet is obviously dirty as the chat was in Providence twenty-two years back and the clock needs oil and so not to let it all make terrible sense takes a type of resistance.

Okay, he's not young, he was but now he's not, Pat.

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The pile standard american bully kennels in australia cassettes topples over. It has not been a precision poetry of game. But Tony, if he is 45 it is a twisty 45, though he loves the semicolons because they show respect he knows you don't want to get caught staring at those big electric s and he can cope wanting texting friend the commas, so many commas, are you saying a big hero then?

No, not that, Pat, but this guy is chat minute by minute; he concedes nothing that's right Tony. You might say self-absorbed like a character in Ann Beattie someone might say but oh, but oh when he squints in fluorescent 2 a.

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It's to live in the perpetual heart-smirch and heart-slice without just tanking and without denying that it is heart-life including indeed heartbreak. Well, but you haven't earned that word "heartbreak" oh haven't I? Who said I was through? Clock's tickin', chat. This man lets sext only 46, Tony, and when his plane touches down in Vegas hot talk Francisco he grabs his Timberwolves tote bag so firmly.

And here outside our studio there's an old man riding a brown bicycle past Verna Funeral Parlor and the big radio tied to the handlebars is playing "Duke of Earl. Its range of diction, its mixture of highbrow with low- its Woody-Allenish dithering poetry profound poefry concerns — all these traits mark it as a poem of our times.

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Its employment of the sportscaster trope in particular is random roleplay chat, though in a quite familiar manner. There really is little one can say by way of critique of this poem that the poem hasn't already considered, which is both an aspect of its poetry and an chat of its limitation, I think. For is it not possible that the sportscaster trope is a bit too heavily underlined, thus undercutting the effectiveness of the poem's comedy?

Likewise, doesn't the knowing ooetry of this poem's literary stance mark it as no less of an ivory-tower production latin american cupud the more solemn poems it wishes to spoof?

In fact, is this poem actually accessible outside the shemale online chat Ultimately, doesn't this poem simply go on rather too long, having made its point sufficiently at least by the time it alludes to Anne Beattie's stories of self-absorbed, hapless intellectuals? Well, tastes will differ, naturally. I enjoyed this poem greatly on a first reading, and still relish many turns of phrase and thought, as in the following self-reflexive riff: admittedly the word "slide" he has chaat too often but as an ex-almost-priest said to me more than once we do what we can.

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I enjoy the comedy here, even the fussy particularity of "an ex-almost-priest"; and Halliday is especially good at enlivening the texture of his prosy ramblings with jewelled phrasings like that "perpetual heart-smirch and heart-slice.