Communication generally occurs when a participant posts a message on the communal message board for others to view. The author's names or nicknames and messages are listed in the order just friendly chat they are received.

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Setting up public chat rooms About public chat rooms A public chat room is an online conversation among users who are currently connected to a FirstClass server with access to a particular chat room.

Once the a public chat room is created, it works just like a private instant messaging session. Public chat rooms are set up and maintained by the administrator or those who have the "Create chat rooms" privilege set on only female video chat site group privileges or user information form. Public chat rooms usually pertain to a specific topic.

You might want to add public chat rooms for several topics. To organize the chat rooms, create a "chat rooms" folder inside the General Conferences folder.

To enter a divorce chat group chat room, double-click the associated icon. In FirstClass, each public chat room has an icon that looks like this: A red balloon puhlic the public chat room icon indicates that one or more people are currently participating in the online discussion.

Public chat rooms

A participant in a chat room can invite any other user to the session, the pblic way as in a private instant messaging session. The invited party does not need to have access to the conference where the public chat room is located to accept an invitation, but this person does need the " public chat" privilege. People with moderator permission or higher can save conversation transcripts just as they can be saved for private instant messaging sessions.

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Public chat rooms

In the case of public chats, transcripts are saved in the transcript pane. Note Public chat rooms can only be located in a conference, folder, or workspace.

You can't put a link to a public chat room on a Model Desktop or an individual user's Desktop.