Speaking to Smith on her Facebook show Red Table Talk, the actress said that the relationship happened while the pair were separated.

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The rapper said he had been in a relationship with Pinkett Smith and that Smith had given the affair his "blessing", leading to speculation that the Spanish chat rooms power couple were in an open marriage.

Which he's not. Smith asked her what she felt she was looking for in the "interaction" with Alsina about four-and-a-half years ago.

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Towards the end of the interview, Smith told her: "I'm gonna get you back first. I think we're good on that.

"tell me something about yourself," the easy way - classy career girl

Many teachers across the shkw are dealing with chxt lot when it comes to virtual learning and recently a Florida elementary school teacher wanted husband american Edith Pride went viral after she called out parents over some questionable behaviors. Noticed lately, take a look parents, please make sure that you have the proper clothing when you're walking in front of behind the child's computer cuz we don't see them in their draws the bra and everything else parents.

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And make the face behind the child's face. Why are you trying to teach in your class?

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That's what you need to tell these parents. What to do everything?

Oh my God. Oh my god. I want her to my wedding.

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She's everything I eeal be best friends and we love it and her message so much that we had to invite her on to talk about it. Miss Edith are you there?

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I am lady. Welcome welcome to the show.

It is so great to meet you tell everybody how long you've been teaching?